Company Profile

Established May  1985
Adress 68-2 Shimomiyaji, Minami-Alps city, Yamanashi, JAPAN  400-0405
Capital 55,700,000 JPY
Employees 43  (as of  November 2017)
Representitive President    Eiki Wakabayashi
Banks Shoko Kumiai Chuo Shinyou Kumiai Bank – Kofu Branch
Yamanashi Chuo Bank – Ogasawara Branch
Products and Services
  • Design and manufacturing of labor-saving automatic machines.
    ・Automatic Assembly Machines
    ・Automatic Inspection Machines
    ・Taping Machines
  • LED Taping Machines
  • LED Sorters
  • Pick and Place Units  – Two Air Types, Three Servomotor Types
Main Facilities CAD(K-CAD), High-speed Cameras, 3D measuring instrument, Projector
Micro Vickers Hardness Meter, Memory High Corder, Various Microscopes,
Milling Machine, Wire Electric Discharge Machine, Machining Center,
NC Milling Machine, Lathe, Molding Grinder,
Pinhole Electric Discharge Machine, Tool Grinder, Ultrasonic Processing Machine

Company History

1984.11 Founded in Ebara, Kosai-cho (Present: Minami-Alps city)
1985.4 Established AUTEC MECHANICAL Co., Ltd.
Started design and production of various electronic parts classifiers and automatic assembly machines.
1986~87 Handled various automatic devices.
1988 Started the development of an early model of turn table base machines.
Developed an early model of pick & place units.
Received the 1989 Yamanashi technology improvement subsidies and completed the early model of base machine.
Exhibited at AUTOTECH (in Harumi, Tokyo)
1990 Moving of the head office and the plant to the present address.
Received the regional technology flotation subsidies from Yamanashi 21st Century Foundation to the joint development group of 4 companies which our company was the coordinator for the development of automatic assembly machines and the peripherals.
1991 Extenedthe CAD room.
Set the number of annual holidays to 126 days.
Developed the base machine BM-500.
1992 Exhibited at FA-IMS92’.
Exhibited at Automatic assembly promotion exhibition.
Extended the office.
1993 Extended the processor building.
1994 Started the design and production of automatic sorters.
Started the development of die bonders.
1995 Increased the capital to 40,000,000 yen by the capital entry from Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment Consultation Company.
1996 Started the design and production of taping machines.
1997  Constructed the warehouse and the showroom.
1998  Enlarged and remodeled the design room and the plant.
1999  Received the recognition of the promotional law for small and medium business creation activities with the theme, “Development and commercialization of high-speed automatic machines for manufacturing of electronic parts”.
2000 Accepted for the bond with warrants from Yamanashi Chuo Capital for the above development theme.
2002 Started the sale of LED Sorters and LED Taping Machines as standard machines.
2003 Exhibited LED Sorters and LED Taping Machines at INTERNEPCON Japan 2003.
2005 Received the investment of 30,000,000 yen from The Yamanashi Chuo Bank Management Consulting Co., Ltd. which manages the investment fund for venture companies invested by Yamanashi Prefecture.
Increased the capital to 55,000,000 yen.
Enlarged new building consists of office, dining room and processing room.
2006 Exhibited LED Sorters of 64 or 128 classifications and LED Taping Machines at INTERNEPCON Japan 2006.
Started the sale of servomotor-type Pick and Place Units.
2009 Chosen in 300 cheerful manufacturing small and medium businesses.
Constructed new factory.
2013 Installed solar power generation system of 41.5kw.
2013~14 Exhibited ultra-high speed LED sorting machine (512 sorts), ultra-high speed LED taping machine and image processing pick up unit       at INTERNEPCON Japan.
2014 Exhibited image processing feeding machines at M-Tec.
2015 30th anniversary of the foundation.