• Needle Assembly Machine

    This machine puts cannulas on hubs and after applying epoxy adhesive on the cannulas, dry them at the drying furnace for 15 minutes. Then put silicon on the tip of needles and cover them with protectors.

    ・Cycle time:1sec/3pcs

  • Special Needle Assembly Machine

    This machine assembles 4 parts ( hub, cannula, cap,holder). Also it inspects the length of needles, shape of needles and other specified items by using images.

    ・Cycle time:1sec/pc

  • Indwelling Needle Assembly Machine

    This machine inserts needles into hubs which are fed to jigs by hand and check the tip of needles. After applying adhesive, UV light is irradiated to make adhesive harden. At last, it inspects the length and direction of needles.

    ・Cycle time:2sec/pc

  • Protection Plug Package Assembly Line

    This machine feeds protection plug to cases automatically and seal them with paper lids after punching out them.

    ・Cycle time:5sec/pc

  • 50mℓ Syringe Assembly Machine

    This machine assembles 3 parts (outer cylinder, gasket, plunger).

    ・Cycle time:1sec/pc

  • Dental Capsule Assembly Machine

    This machine feeds caps and nozzles automatically and screw bodies into them. After that, check the torque of it.

    ・Cycle time:1sec/pc